Dictation with Voice Control on the Mac

Maximal results with minimal frustration!

Don't you hate it when you're trying a new Mac feature that is supposed to be super helpful, but you can't seem to get it to work for you?

And perhaps you are tired of watching umpteen YouTube videos and still be unsure on how to get Voice Control to listen bettter to you.

This course will help you!

What you will get

You will get quick and easy lessons; I promise you: it won’t take you ages and ages to go through this course! 

Yes, there are over 30 lessons in the course, but they are really bite-sized. Most videos are only about 2 minutes long, showing you exactly what you need to know.

Here are some important topics that we cover:

  • Get started with Voice Control
  • How to dictate
  • How to add new words
  • How to move the cursor around
  • How to correct your text
  • How to format and edit your text

    The lessons have text instructions, short and to-the-point video’s and you can ask a question if the lesson isn’t clear to you.

    Many lessons also have exercises to immediately bring into practice what you just learned. This is a practical and proven method to immediately make the new knowledge your own and help it cement in your memory. 

    And last, but not least, there are practical cheat sheets with relevant commands to download and print. With these sheets in hand, you'll always know what to say.

    Note: at this point in time Voice Control only works well in the US version of English.

    Watch this short tour of the course

    About me...

    Hi, I’m Janneke! 😀 

    I love helping you get the most out of dictation and speech commands on your Apple Mac or iPad.

    How did I become so good at this speech recognition stuff?

    Well, when I got severe repetitive strain injury issues almost 25 years ago, I didn’t want to give up using the computer.

    So I learned all about operating the computer by voice and dictating my documents and emails. 

    At first this was just for my own benefit, but I’ve been working as a speech recognition expert since 2000.

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